Christmas Card | Ginger Snap [5x5]

[how to order]
Once you have made googly-eyes at the announcement/card you want and decide you can't possibly go on without it, do the following:

[1] purchase through my etsy shop by clicking here 
[2] ...

.e.mail me.

.tell me. {1}the name of the design, {2}the finish you want, {3}the amount you want, {4}the text you want, {5}and attach the pictures you would like [keeping in mind if the design requires a horizontal or vertical photo]

.then. I'll send you an electronic invoice requiring a 50 percent deposit which will be made via a link I'll send you to PayPal.

.after. a deposit is made, I'll get going on a digital proof for you. You're entitled to 2 digital proofs. Once you're bursting with happiness and approve the proof [via email], I'll send you another electronic invoice for the final balance.

.printing. your design will first require your payment of the remaining balance. Once paid, your fabulous design will be sent to the printer and promptly shipped for you to adore, love, and enjoy!

You have two options when it comes to your design.

[1]  have me print them [prices below] and have the listed price go toward your balance, or

[2] you can print them yourself and purchase the design for $15.00!



--------[4x5.5 flat]--------[5x5, 5x7 flat]----

.......All orders in quantities 225 and above are $1.20 for doubles-sided prints.......

..............price does not include the original $15 design fee..............

If you would like magnetic cards, email me and we'll talk!

Feel free to check out my etsy shop:

[about your item]
.the printer. state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital printing presses

.finishes. include standard, art watercolor, art linen, art recycled, or pearl

.printing features. printed on both sides, full color

.quantities. must be ordered in quantities of 25

.envelopes. white envelopes included [5x7 envelops can be requested for 5x5 cards to save on postage. must request]

.proofs. two digital proofs via e-mail included

.processing time. processing time is usually 3-5 business days. This does not include shipping time.Processing time varies depending upon the timeliness of your responses to digital proofs and payment.

.shipping. UPS Ground: $7.50, UPS 2 Day Air: $9:50

.photos (if applicable). must between 900K and 7MB.

Christmas Card | Mistle Toe [5x7]

I was introduced to design during my second year of college, and I've never gone back.  To be honest, it's kind of turned me into a dork.  I've gone from aligning my text on a card template to aligning all of my Yoplait yogurt labels in the fridge; the cans in the pantry must be facing forward; my clothes are hung by color in my closet; my towels have to be folded and stacked perfectly [I re-do my husband's towel-folding if he does it wrong, shhh don't tell]. Feel free to call me a dork, I'll take it as a compliment.

My poor husband had no hope; he couldn't help catching design-fever when my eyes were glued to my mac.  Now we sit side-by-side at 3:30 in the morning, M&M's at close reach, designing until our hearts are content. We hope you enjoy what you see because we enjoy doing it.

Though designing makes us happy, our little guy brings us more happiness than we realized was possible. He is our joy.  We love you, baby.

Feel free to contact us with any questions: